Based on current development priorities and agendas, key stakeholders who have taken concrete action, shown leadership and/or are interested in resolving the issues of toxic pollution are invited to participate in the GAHP. The roles and responsibilities of GAHP members will vary from organization to organization, depending on the mandate and modus operandi of each. There are no financial requirements to join GAHP.

Broadly, it is expected that GAHP members will contribute one or more of the following:

  • Sharing knowledge and experience that may be pertinent to GAHP objectives;
  • Promoting the issue of legacy pollution at appropriate occasions and venues (conferences, meetings, seminars);
  • Providing technical assistance, as may be needed, in activities supported by GAHP;
  • Exploring options for mobilizing financial assistance for clean-up projects in low-income countries and for dealing with emergencies;
  • Actively participate in the GAHP annual meeting, the Executive Committee and/or Technical Advisory Group.

GAHP Members: