An important function of the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution is to provide broad technical advice and support to agencies, local institutions and other parties who are developing and implementing remediation interventions.

Industrialized countries have been coming to grips with pollution issues and remediation challenges for several decades and much has been learned about practical and cost-effective ways to deal with the problems. Many of these lessons can have value today for those who are in charge of current efforts but experiences must be adapted to suit the individual conditions and resources in each case.

The purpose of this section of the website is to help to make practical experience and knowledge available to GAHP members, in formats which are relevant and with commentary, that will help users to select and adapt those elements which they need.

The information is structured here to reflect the wide range of people who are interested in or responsible for identifying and dealing with contaminated sites.

GAHP is a collaborative effort.  Comments and queries from partners involved in remediation efforts are invited. For questions and other feedback please email: