Technical Advisory Group

Role of the TAG:  The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides technical advice and comment to the Global Alliance for Health and Pollution (GAHP).   TAG is a flexible mechanism with a loose structure, designed to be effective in responding to issues and queries from GAPH members.  Within the broad mandate, a number of specific activities have been identified and the details of these will evolve as GAHP increases its scope of operations.

Membership and Structure:  The TAG has organisational members, where the organisation is represented by a key contact person who can provide access to its specific experience and expertise; and individual members selected for their expertise in relation to specific topics.  Initial TAG members were nominated by the member organisations of the Alliance, with additional members being added or co-opted as appropriate, with the intention to have balance in geographical and technical coverage.  The make-up of the TAG and the active involvement of different members will vary depending on interests, availability and the topics under consideration.

Process and Outputs:  The procedures of the TAG are informal. The TAG typically operates electronically and may convene as a group every few months.  It may establish working groups to address specific questions or requests.  The TAG provides information, opinions and advice, based on the experience and information available with the members.

In particular it will identify existing materials and lessons which are of relevance to the matter at hand and will put this into a format which is readily understandable and valuable in the users, taking into account institutional and cultural differences. It acknowledges the different institutional and regulatory systems in place in GAHP members and recognises the budgetary and technical issues faced by countries.  The key outputs of the TAG are guidance on Principles and Good Practice for Remediation.

Guidance Notes

The TAG is preparing summary Guidance Notes on topics identified as specific concerns in GAHP operations. The list of Guidance Notes will expand as more issues are addressed. Guidance Notes are always subject to refinement and updating, so the version date should be noted.

For questions, comments and other feedback about Guidance Notes, please email:

Guidance on Containment of Lead Material: safe and acceptable disposal of contaminated material collected during a lead clean-up project is often a difficult task. This Guidance addresses the appropriate use and key elements of on-site engineered containment systems.   Link to page.

Guidance on Soil Screening Levels:  this guidance addresses the selection and use of “screening levels” in prioritising contaminated sites for remediation efforts.   Link to page.


Other Guidance Notes are in preparation and will address various aspects of remediation.  Link to page.